The blog of the Budapest based Digital Natives covers the topics such as technological challenges we meet in our work, also our solutions and developments related mostly to Ruby on Rails and e. g. JavaScript. You can read about project management methodologies, which drive our workflow, such as agile or scrum. We don’t forget to report about our work and free-time related events and activities.



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This is my first post on the company blog but I can promise won’t be the last ;) I joined Digital Natives 2 months ago as a junior software engineer (we use Ruby most of the time). Before that, I worked with Java and related enterprise technologies for 3 years. I have been following the evolution…

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Check out our latest Infogpraphic for details.

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The Concept Document When a client approaches us with only a general idea, we try to walk her through a process to help her elaborate the idea to the point where it is actually worth spending money on development. This is how it went, when two bright young MBA students decided to create a new…

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This post series is about the process of turning an idea into a business product as we do it here at Digital Natives. There are many cases when a team contacts us to sign an NDA because they have a great idea they want to develop into a working product. Although there are cases when the idea is…

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I wrote a post a few weeks ago about our road to iCatapult and I promised that I would write again about our goals in iCatapult. This Sunday morning I read an article about Eric Ries backing a Rails development firm that created a fund targeting startups. Long story short, after I read this I could…

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We are proud to announce -- the new technology and business development accelerator, co-founded by Digital Natives and Primus Capital. The aim of this firm is to gather the best talents and product ideas and help them grow as fast as possible in the global market. This is a big…

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3 months ago we got good news: a Ruby related conference will be held in Brno between November 16-18. There are Ruby conferences overseas nearly every month, but conferences like RuPy with such famous speakers, close to Budapest are extremely rare. István, Gergő, Tomi and myself decided to…

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As you probably know it, here in Digital Natives, we are enthusiast of startups. We created products such as,, and we were mentioned on New York Times, TechCrunch and WIRED. Our products won prizes such as IDCEE 2011. This is why we've launched our Startup…

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What is our relation to Kevin Mitnick, one of the most famous, formal (ex)hacker? Why spanish kids want to swim in cacao? This is a short summary of our projects in the previous months, with other words this is what we do when we are not working on our startups. Many of our curious friends…

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