The blog of the Budapest based Digital Natives covers the topics such as technological challenges we meet in our work, also our solutions and developments related mostly to Ruby on Rails and e. g. JavaScript. You can read about project management methodologies, which drive our workflow, such as agile or scrum. We don’t forget to report about our work and free-time related events and activities.



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What is our relation to Kevin Mitnick, one of the most famous, formal (ex)hacker? Why spanish kids want to swim in cacao? This is a short summary of our projects in the previous months, with other words this is what we do when we are not working on our startups.

Many of our curious friends raised the same question: all right guys, you have award winning and hyped products with high hopes like, and, but what are 20 people doing in Digital Natives?

To answer with one word to this question: a lot.
Luckily we are working together with clients having same mindsets and their projects are as interesting as ours, sometimes even more :) (really). So we keep up the development of the client division of the firm, and it runs faster then ever.

Tipically we run 2-4 client projects parallel. We have some clients who have chosen us in the previous years, like Electool or Zuppa and some online agencies (DDB, Kirowski Isobar). We have very good relations with them, we wrote already about these projects.

And obviously there are new clients. In this year we built up international relations in UK, US, Spain (Catalonia, pardon me) and Chile. Thanks god, Digital Natives is well-known in Hungary too, so new clients find us almost everyday.

The best results of the previous months are, that real talents joined us on backend, frontend and scrum master side (István, Gergő, András&András). The other one is, that our clients want agile execution more than ever, and this is what we really like to do.







In nutshell here are some short intro of the product we worked, or are working on:

Toptal (Silicon Valley) - we take part in a system development for Toptal, where developers and clients can find each other easily. The Toptal CEO Taso Du Val moved from California to Budapest 1 year ago and he is discovering the Wild East. So he reversed the mainstream: here is someone, who left the Silicon Valley and came to Budapest :)

String (London) - String develops one of the most powerful AR engine for iOS. It was a misterious meeting with them, because an investor on their side suggested us, as a professional Rails developer firm (special thanks to him/her). From that time we've been helping them with backend and frontend development.

Zuppaa Zuppaa is a social aggregator startup, with which anyone can put together his own web profile page. We've put more development into it in the past months, new features are coming soon.

Colacao - an ex Digital Natives guy, Dávid Bárdos moved to Barcelona a few years ago. He has 2 very interesting virtue: firstly he is my twin brother, secondly he made his career as an Interactive Art Director in Barcelona within 3 years (visit his portfolio: He established his new firm, and now we are working together on exciting Unity 3D game development projects (the first game we developed together is a very cool one: a boy needs to slide home on the cacao river, during his trip many dangerous situation will come up. It'll be available soon in the app stores).

Kevin Mitnick - He is a living legend, and we hope we can work on the interactive website of his last book, called Ghost in the wires. If we won't, it was a good chance to speak with someone, who was the most-wanted computer criminal in the United States in the late 20th century :). (Real supporters) - We worked together on this project with DDB. They created a really cool concept for the European Football Championship to T-Home client. The concept is, that the supporters can sit into a virtual stadium during the matches and they can use interactive features like vuvuzella (can you imagine the office in the test period? :)), drum etc., so they are able to make noises with their mobile phones and desktop pc-s too. We did the backend and frontend development as well.

Here is the mandatory closing of the post: We are expanding, so do not hesitate to conatct us If you would join us as a developer or sales manager, wherever you live in the world. info(@)

NOTE: this post was written by non-native speaker, apologies for the grammar and linguistic mistakes.

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