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Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 9.27.23.png

3 months ago we got good news: a Ruby related conference will be held in Brno between November 16-18. There are Ruby conferences overseas nearly every month, but conferences like RuPy with such famous speakers, close to Budapest are extremely rare.

István, Gergő, Tomi and myself decided to attend, even though the exact agenda wasn't available. We bought our tickets, Tomi organized some place to stay on and couldn't wait to go.

We were pretty frightened on the first day, because the event started with two awful presentations. I don't quite understand even since then why anyone thought, that a presentation about programming Windows 8 tiles with JavaScript can be interesting for Ruby and Python programmers using mainly OS X and various Linux distributions :)

Thanks to the really fine beers and the party capability of our very kind couchsurfing host, Lucie, we've missed Saturday's first presentation from Zed Shaw about... music. Yes, Zed, the leader of the Programming Motherfu**** community was true to himself, and gave a special presentation about tools that he is using when authoring music.

Later on, after couple of coffees we've seen many presentations about the deployment process, the general problems and solutions for those. But my favourite was Dr Nic's talk with the title of 'The Future of Deployment'.

It was very suprising how the JRuby community increased, and how the implementation itself became such stable. They've released JRuby 1.7 one month ago, and the core members Charles Oliver Nutter and Thomas E Enebo gave a great presentation about the strength of this Ruby implementation. We've discussed that it's worth to try it in the future.

Was great to see, that moving more code from the backend to the frontend in DiNA is a general tendency in the web development world. Google's new tool which can help you with that is Angular.js, which we will definitely try out. It's quite hard to find the right tool on the frontend. TodoMVC can be the solution: the same todo application is implemented with dozens of JS frameworks, so you can check the strengths and weaknesses of a particular framework before you try it out in a real life situation.

Last but not least, a Rails core member, Steve Klabnik's talk was great about the next version of the Ruby on Rails framework. Besides he talked about the new features, he also shared doubts about some functionalities which he doesn't really like in Rails.

Altogether it was a good experience. And I have good news: Rupy 2013 will take place in Budapest, on the 27-29th of September, so book this timeslot in your calendar in advance, if you want to meet with us, we'll be definitely there!!! :)

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kristof.bardos 2012.12.03. 13:01:25

We want hear more about the saxophonist girls in the nightclub :)