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In my recent post I promised that I'll write about the environment what we created for the Rails Girls event. But first let me describe the problem.

Before the event we investigated the installers what the official Rails Girls site provides. We had some major problems with those:

  • the windows installer is quite unstable, we had tons of issues when we tried that out
  • we didn't want to install a lot of tools on the girls' machines, since we just hope that some of them will continue learning web development, but the others won't need those things any more
  • there are better ways to install an environment on linux/mac machines

The biggest problem are related to Windows. If you are considering starting web (ruby) development on a windows machine, my advice is: forget it. You have to put limitless effort to install all the tools you need, but using them is also a huge pain, and problems will always come up while doing your job. So either consider changing to linux/mac or at least virtualize your environment. The latter is exactly what we did at Railsgirls.

If you don't know anything about virtualization: a virtual machine (VM) is a software-based emulation of a computer. Imagine, that you're working on a windows, and you can start another operational system in a window without any trouble: it can be another windows instance or any kind of unix/linux distribution.

So we were at the point, where we thought it would worth to create a VM for the event. But downloading an Ubuntu, and installing / configuring it manually is a pain again. Vagrant can be a solution for that. Vagrant is a wrapper above virtualization providers (currently VirtualBox and VMWare is supported), with which you can create preinstalled VMs easily. Vagrant can be configured in Ruby, it has a really simple DSL. But the fun-part is not only Vagrant itself, but the way it handles packages. Vagrant supports Chef (and also Puppet), so all the cookbooks created for Chef can be used, and configured easily.

Please find the Vagrant box's configuration created for the event here and check out Vagrantfile. As you can see it installs git, rvm, mc and other tools after the box is created. We didn't need any other service, but you can find uncountable cookbooks for all types of 3rd party libraries, check out the site for the full list here.

We were ready with the VM, and we could use that on OS X and Linux without any issues because we could SSH into the new system. But the console what we got in Virtualbox was useless, it doesn't support your own keyboard layout, couldn't handle pasting, and so on. These problems doesn't appear when using SSH, but Windows doesn't have a builtin SSH client. Surely you can install Putty, or whatever is out there, but it's a pain, and it hardens the usage of the environment, and for the RailsGirls event we wanted to have an easily installable and usable one. So we had to figure out a way how our users could use the VM. We nearly gave up, but Guszti came in the office one morning, and told me the solution: butterfly. It's an awesome tool written in python, which enables you to reach your computer's command line from your browser. So the idea was born: let's install butterfly onto the RailsGirls VM. After the event I can say it worked like a charm, and without any issues.

So if you'd like to try out Ruby / Ruby on Rails development, but you don't want to install a lot of tools on your machine, I recommend using the VM we created. The hungarian install documentation can be found here, and we also translated that to English for the official RailsGirls site.

If you have any issues/questions, don't hesitate to contact us, we gladly help if you are stucked!

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About a half year ago, a couple of days before november's budapest.rb meetup, we got an email to the meetup's list from some girls, what I can say happens really rarely :). They wanted to know if they can advertise an event, called RailsGirls, what we first heard about at a conference in Brno 2 years ago.

RailsGirls is an initiative, where girls without having any programming knowledge are taught basic programming skills, by implementing their own web application in Ruby on Rails. It's originated from Finland, and was founded by Linda Liukas and Karri Saarinen. The first event was held in November 2010 and by today it grew into an international event series.

The hungarian girls, namely Boglárka Weltz, Brigitta Vitályos and Mária Ackermann wanted to organize the first RailsGirls Budapest event, and were searching for supporters. We liked the idea a lot and after some meetings we agreed that DiNa will offer its help: we volunteered to be coaches on the event, our one-and-only female coder Zsófi, Lucas and myself tried to do our best, and helped the girls on the event. We also created a special development environment, with which the girls could start programming on their own machine easily (I'll write a more techie post about this environment in the near future).

We started to hold coach-meetings before the event, where we planned Saturday's agenda, and the final application's scope. We decided that since english-knowledge is still an issue within the hungarian community, we translate all necessary information and publish them in hungarian, so we created a tutorial page for the event.

We got up really excited on March 22nd, and our excitement grew when arriving to LOFFICE we saw 60 motivated girls reserving all available seats. It turned out, that 120 people attended before, so we hope that RailsGirls is going to be continued. DiNa was participating on the other side as well: I successfully convinced all the non-programmer girls in the office, that if they participate on RailsGirls, they will understand our geek-talk in the kitchen from that point, so Anita, Marietta and Rita were among the students as well! :)

We started the day with an introduction to web-development, where we tried to clean up the most important buzzwords around our profession.

We continued the day with, which is a great service containing an interactive ruby console, with which you can pick up some basic ruby programming skills in a funny way. But the time quickly came: the girls finally started to implement a full-stack application by their own. At the end, about 90% of the girls had a fully implemented, working application where they were able to create/edit/list/delete their ideas, protected with an advanced user management system, designed with the help of bootstrap. The majority of the girls were even able to deploy their application to Heroku despite having the usual problems with the WiFi connection.

We split the day with 2 motivation speech. I was focusing on 3 reasons, why you really should be a programmer.

We were really glad with the result and was really good to see how the initial desperation disappeared from the girls' face by the afternoon, and how they even started to customize their application to their needs! We really hope that it's going to be a series and we can continue supporting this very need: MORE GIRLS TO GEEKWORLD! :)


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This is my first post on the company blog but I can promise won’t be the last ;)

I joined Digital Natives 2 months ago as a junior software engineer (we use Ruby most of the time). Before that, I worked with Java and related enterprise technologies for 3 years. I have been following the evolution of JRuby for a while now and I would liked to share my excitement about this awesome project.

I also wanted to present on a meetup so I decided to give a talk about JRuby at budapest.rb. I did a lot of research and practiced a lot (kudos to Miki for the reviews and suggestions!) but still wasn’t as good as I wanted to.

I tried to cover the differences compared to MRI, the advantages of using JRuby and why you should give it a chance. I spoke about what JRuby is, how can you integrate it into a Java environment, which modes it supports and how can it be faster than MRI. I also gave a hint about a very interesting experimental subproject, named Truffle runtime.

This was my first real presentation in a front of professionals so I was nervous but I learned a lot from this experience :) You have to start somewhere so if you would like to present your fantastic project or you just read a fascinating article and you want to discuss it, feel free to present at the next meetup!

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Check out our latest Infogpraphic for details.

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In one of our recent projects, we had the opportunity to work with the LinkedIn People Search API. Using LinkedIn for signing in is becoming more and more popular these days, but in this project, the Client wanted us write an application which is able to perform people searches.

In this post, we want to share what we learned about the possibilities and limitations of the API for non-technical people that are or may be planning to use the API.

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The Concept Document

When a client approaches us with only a general idea, we try to walk her through a process to help her elaborate the idea to the point where it is actually worth spending money on development. This is how it went, when two bright young MBA students decided to create a new solution for an existing problem they were facing in their everyday life.

nő cetlikkel.jpgActually, this is exactly how most products are born. Somebody encounters or sees a problem and realizes that the right solution does not yet exist. There might be other products or services but neither of them offer the exact solution they were looking for.

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Can inflating balloons or folding paper hats really improve your development methodology?

Playing games is as old as mankind, and as civilization continues to develop and become more advanced, so do the games. In the past, people would play war games to improve their combat and strategizing skills, but nowadays we have agile software development methodology games! In this post, we will share our story of just one such game - XP game, which we recently played during one of our "Developers’ knowledge-sharing” occasions. 


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When working on a Scrum project the success depends on the effective fulfillment of the role of Product Owner (PO). The Product Owner is typically the person in Scrum who is appointed by the Client to represent the project. 

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This post series is about the process of turning an idea into a business product as we do it here at Digital Natives. There are many cases when a team contacts us to sign an NDA because they have a great idea they want to develop into a working product. Although there are cases when the idea is really elaborated, specified (and even copyrighted), most of the time it is just an idea, a bunch of thoughts that sound interesting and might work if...

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I wrote a post a few weeks ago about our road to iCatapult and I promised that I would write again about our goals in iCatapult.

This Sunday morning I read an article about Eric Ries backing a Rails development firm that created a fund targeting startups. Long story short, after I read this I could not postpone writing this post anymore and now I want to share with you our problem-solving vision.

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We are proud to announce -- the new technology and business development accelerator, co-founded by Digital Natives and Primus Capital. The aim of this firm is to gather the best talents and product ideas and help them grow as fast as possible in the global market.


This is a big milestone in the life of Digital Natives, so in this blog post I would like to take a look back at the path that led us here, which was full of curves and blind alleys...

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Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 9.27.23.png

3 months ago we got good news: a Ruby related conference will be held in Brno between November 16-18. There are Ruby conferences overseas nearly every month, but conferences like RuPy with such famous speakers, close to Budapest are extremely rare.

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As you probably know it, here in Digital Natives, we are enthusiast of startups. We created products such as,, and we were mentioned on New York Times, TechCrunch and WIRED. Our products won prizes such as IDCEE 2011.

This is why we've launched our Startup Program. We want to support others' startup with our technology and product planning knowledge and experience. After developing the first successful startup for one of our client, we made the decision that we are opening for a wider market.

This Program is for entrepreneurs, who are missing tech / UI team. We offer professional teams able to develop an MVP product for web and mobile platforms from scratch, within 3 months. Thanks to the program, all of these services are available for a discounted price now.

Read more about our program, how to apply and spread the word!

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Örömmel tudatjuk mindenkivel, hogy mind az App Store-ból mind a Google Play-ből letölthető a TaxiLike 2.0 verziója utasok és sofőrök számára, amivel közvetlenül tudtok taxit rendelni/megrendelést fogadni.

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What is our relation to Kevin Mitnick, one of the most famous, formal (ex)hacker? Why spanish kids want to swim in cacao? This is a short summary of our projects in the previous months, with other words this is what we do when we are not working on our startups.

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Eljött a várva várt beta teszt ideje, amikor végre Ti is elmondhatjátok, hogy szerintetek is ilyen egy egyszerű online taxirendelés, vagy még sokat kell dolgoznunk rajta.

Mivel találkozhattok az új verzióban?

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Nagyobb lélegzetvételű – kicsit több, mint két éves – inkubáció van mögöttünk, és eredménye a Playertise videóhirdetési szolgáltatás nemrégen debütált!

A fejlesztés alapötletét a Dina által korábban indított mindroom szolgáltatás adta. A a becsatornázott oldalak híradóinak és hírműsorainak tartalmát gépi beszédfelismerővel dolgozzuk fel. Lehetőség van a videók lejátszására, a keresett szó vagy kifejezés elhangzásának időpontjától.

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Irodánk legkihasználtabb rekreációs eszköze a csocsóasztal. Rekreációnak mondjuk nem is nevezném, vérre menő meccsek mennek délután az asztalnál. :)

Az irodában használt szabályzat:

  • a csocsóasztalt reggel 9 előtt és 5 után lehet használni
  • pörgetni nem szabad, a pörgetésből rúgott gólt az ellenfél írja jóvá magának
  • bedobás után nem lehet rálőni azonnal, egyet passzolni kell
  • 6-os meccseket játszunk, oda-vissza alapon. döntetlen esetén döntő van, ahol kettővel kell nyerni
  • 6-0 esetén a meccset tovább kell játszani addig, amíg vagy a vesztes csapat gólt szerez, vagy a győztes csapat 10 gólt rúg. Utóbbi esetben a vesztes csapatnak át kell másznia az asztal alatt

Mondanom sem kell, hogy a legutolsó pontért küzd mindenki (ki a mászatás ellen, ki mások mászatásáért). Lelkesen rögzítjük ezeket a ritka pillanatokat videóra, íme egy kis összeállítás az utóbbi idő mászásairól (bocsi srácok). Ha úgy érzed szívesen másznál, vagy mászatnál, akkor nézd meg az álláshirdetéseket:

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Heti 3 alkalommal van nálunk fejlesztői megbeszélés. Ezek ritkán hosszabbak, mint fél óra és ilyenkor vagy ún. Coding Dojo-t tartunk, ahol 1-1 egyszerűbb feladatot kell időre lekódolni párban, vagy valaki előadással készül valamilyen minket is érintő technológiai témában.

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Az elmúlt néhány nap leple alatt a TaxiLike 1.0 verziója (korábbi nevén TaxiTrust) beköltözött az App Store-ba és a Google Play-be.

Mit is tud az alkalmazásunk első verziója?

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Heroku tippek

Juhat  |  Szólj hozzá!

A cloud hosting beúszott az életünkbe. Nincs is egyszerűbb dolog, mint rábízni az üzemeltetést egy erre szakosodott csapatra, akik megoldják a skálázást is. A tapasztalatok nagyon jók. Rengetegett fejlődött ez terület. Rails csapatként mi eddig a Heroku, az Engine Yard és a Joyent szolgáltatását próbáltuk ki. Most a Heroku-val kapcsolatban írok le pár hasznos tanácsot a kezdéshez.

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Nem régen néztem meg a Trónok harca című sorozat első évadját, ami engem ismerve igen nagy szó: nem vagyok egy született sorozat junkie. Viszont találtam benne egy nagyszerű analógiát az agilis termékfejlesztésre, amit gondoltam érdemes megosztani veletek is.

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Az utóbbi hetek azzal teltek, hogy értékeljük a 2011-es évet és meghatározzuk a 2012-es évünk céljait. Lassan a megbeszélések végére érünk, úgyhogy megosztjuk veletek is, mire jutottunk.

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Nem fogytunk ki az ötletekből, sőt. Az elmúlt fél évben folyamatosan gyűjtögettük az új ötlet-kezdeményeket és egyre többször merült fel a kérdés, mi lesz velük?
Végül arra jutottunk, hogy rászánunk egy hétvégét a 3 legjobb ötlet kidolgozására, új fejezetet nyitunk a Dina Inkubációban. Tudni szeretnéd mi történt? Kik segítették a munkát? Mi lett az eredmény? Olvass tovább!

Címkék: angel csapat világhírnév inkubáció

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Elég kemény 2 hónapon vagyunk túl, összesen 4 startup versenyen vettünk részt Európa különböző pontjain a Mixgarral. De mire jók és mire nem ezek a rendezvények és hogyan kell 5 literes vodkásüvegből kulturáltan inni?

  • HackFwd - Berlin, top 12
  • Startup Week - Bécs, top 50
  • Mini Seedcamp - Prága, top 20
  • Investor Day CEE 2011 - Kijev, top 1 :)

Címkék: prága berlin verseny bécs vodka startup anita csapat befektető kijev gerzson mixgar hackfwd startup week idcee

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